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Ken Rutkowski

Ken Rutkowski is a business leader, entrepreneur and influencer with one super power: perfect precision for knowing which executives need to be connected and when! Ken is a master of understanding people at their deepest levels and being the invisible string that connects them to those they need most to succeed. He’s been a part of the tech scene before it was a ‘scene,’ founding one of the very first podcasts EVER. He’s also the founder of METal International, an 1600 elite member networking group of Media, Entertainment, Technology Alpha Leaders, created to bring true camaraderie and collaboration building back into the corporate networking process. Members of this elite group are top CEO’s, VC’s and entrepreneurs around the world who are keen to work with the up-and-coming game-changers to help their endeavors become successful.

Rutkowski speaks at business conferences around the world and is a board member of TEDx. He has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, and BusinessWeek. He has also been a guest and correspondent on FOX, NPR, ABC, and was the technology host on CNET.