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    Amazing Facts About Apple's Spaceship-Like HQ


    Bloomberg Business Week (http://goo.gl/rNG7D) runs a massive feature on Apple's forthcoming campus in Cupertino, Calif., which the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs described as "a little like a spaceship" when he unveiled them before the city council in 2011.

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    Ken's Discoveries for Monday May 11, 2009


    The Business Plan Archive
    Welcome to the Business Plan Archive, a research database for researchers interested in studying high-tech entrepreneurship in the Dot Com Era and beyond.

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    isused English Words That Make Smart People Look Supid


    We’re all tempted to use words that we’re not too familiar with. That’s because we’re cautious with words we’re unsure of and, thus, they don’t create much of an issue for us. It’s the words that we think we’re using correctly that wreak the most havoc.

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    The Relationship Bucket List


    I wanted to create a list of the "Go To" people in my life. These are people that I have created unique connections with. These are the friends to share the ups and downs of life with. I'm honored to have them in my life.

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    The Power of the Brand Mascot
    By Ken Rutkowski
    Who’s more powerful … a duck, a doughboy, or a tiger?
    In the real world a tiger would win hands down, but in the world of advertising a doughboy can giggle his way into the winner’s circle.

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Ken RutkowskiMotivational Speaker, Radio Host, Super Connector, Entrepreneur

"Ken Rutkowski is the Host, Co Founder, Co Owner and President at Business Rockstars."

Ken Rutkowski is an ideation, innovation, and collaboration catalyst. He's often been described as the connective tissue between change agents and a community architect for doers shaping our future. Ken Rutkowski is widely known as the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, President and dynamic Host at Business Rockstars Radio Network. His internationally syndicated radio show ‘Business Rockstars’ is an insider’s guide to global business leaders and their secrets to success. Additionally, Ken co-founded METal (Media, Entertainment and Technology Alpha Leaders, where he hosts events that showcase the smartest thinkers to the bravest innovators throughout the world. His tireless strategizing, networking and mentoring of strategic business leaders makes him a major force in the growing digital economy.

As a thought leader, networker and influencer across multiple industries, Ken has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, Business Week, Asahi Shinbun, Bangkok Times, Finland Helsingin Sanomat, and dozens of other publications worldwide.


  1. The Ultimate Super Connector
  2. Professional Speaker
  3. Broadcast Personality
  4. Analytical Media Measurement
  5. Motivator to Entrepreneurs and "Wantrepreneurs"

Ken Achivements

KenRadio Broadcasting

In March 1990, Rutkowski established KenRadio Broadcasting, a daily technology podcast focused on the high tech industry.[28][29] Since 1995, Rutkowski's daily talk show, "The World Technology Roundup," has also focused on high tech business worldwide.

Business Rockstars

As of June 18, 2012, Rutkowski hosts "Business Rockstars," a two-hour weekday afternoon program

Digital Entertainment Award

In 2005, Ken received a Digital Entertainment Award for his activity in new media and emerging technologies.

Streaming Media

Rutkowski is a founding member of the Streaming Media Executive Committee and on the boards of several media, entertainment and technology companies.

Intelligence analyst

In October 2009, Rutkowski was named an intelligence analyst at the Oprah Winfrey Network, where he created research analysis focused on identifying and providing updates on people, companies, events, technologies, trends, and conferences relevant to the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Member of TEDx San Francisco

In October 2009, Rutkowski became a board member of TEDx San Francisco, independently organized Technology, Entertainment, and Design event.


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    Josh Tickell

    "Metal is a committed group of individuals,who at their core,really do care about the future."


    Lizanne Falsetto Founder, Think Thin Products

    "Ken Rutkowski has true values, vision, and is committed to helping Entrepreneur's & Business leaders thrive. He believes Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work”.

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    Sekou Andrews

    "Metal is extended family that just comes together as a community and says, let's figure out how to make ourselves better,the world better."