Ken Rutkowski, Ken Rutkowski, a well-known Business Talk Radio Personality, an Innovative Strategist, Business Nextist, International Speaker, is considered one of the premiere experts in Emerging Business Technologies, New Media, the Digital Economy, and Connection.

For over 20 years, Ken has made it his life’s work to connect with entrepreneurs, governments, and founders all over the world. His specialty in the business landscape is uncovering and revealing new trends and technologies, then collaborating and mapping out how to implement them.

He has collaborated, grown, enhanced, and sat on the board, with various high profile companies including the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, SurfAir, Motorola, AT&T, Telstra, Singtel, SBS, Dish Network/ Echostar, and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Additionally, Ken has consulted with many governments including Australia, Canada, Finland, Holland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates.

Ken began his career at the age of 21 as a computer programmer. He was the first to invent a PC software tool that could convert 2D to 3D, which he sold to Autodesk for $1million. Ken continued to build and sell technology and businesses to companies ranging from Microsoft, Telstra, IAC, Yahoo, and Google.

In 1988, Ken became one of the youngest professors at the University of Illinois, Loyola University Chicago, and Northwestern University, teaching Conceptual Design for Engineers and Architects. One day while driving home Ken heard an accountant on the radio talking about bookkeeping and accounting, a topic that sounded so unexciting that he thought: “If that boring guy can have a show on the radio, I can too!” He boldly reached out to the radio station’s manager and offered to do a regular show on technology and the internet. The show became a huge success quickly going to NPR (national public radio), and eventually was picked up by WLS, one of Chicago’s biggest radio stations.

Ken had found his passion in radio, becoming one of the original broadcasters on Mark Cuban’s first-ever internet radio platform in the 90’s. In 1996 Ken discovered that many countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, and South Africa had limitations on their own data/bandwidth when searching for content outside of their own countries. Ken decided to write a program that would make his radio show accessible on the local internet servers of those countries. He created a tool for locals to download the shows without going against their data, and he also figured out how to send his show episodes directly to their pda phones for automatic downloading during low cost idle hours without the user having to manually download episodes like other platforms boasting internet radio at the time. Ultimately, Ken invented the very first automatic downloading interview show over the internet – known today as the podcast.

In 1995, Ken launched Tech Talk which became Ken Radio in 1999. In 2012, Ken created and hosted the #1 Business Radio Talk Show in America, Business Rockstars, which was listened to in over 200 markets across the U.S.

Throughout his career Ken has interviewed over 20,000 people, his guests have included: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Elon Musk, Bill Clinton, Jim Carrey, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Masayoshi Son, Larry King, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Paul Dejoria, Steve Palmer, Pierce Brosnan, Li Ka-shing, Jamie Dimon, and Sara Blakely. Ken’s latest shows are: “Voice of Disruption” the insider's guide to global disruptive leaders, and “Coin DMZ”, a viral podcast that shares insights on the latest news and info in Crypto Tech and Blockchain. With over one million followers on Twitter, 65K on Instagram, and 30K on LinkedIn, Ken is a social media influencer with massive reach.

Oprah, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Financial Times, Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, LA Business Journal, LA Weekly, Fast Company, FOX & Friends, Good Day LA, Inc., USA Today, Bangkok Post, Singapore Straights, Asia Times, the South China Morning Post, and other publications and networks around the world.

Currently, Ken is a mentor to the world’s most innovative industry disruptors and leaders, and a member on various boards. He speaks on a global scale about the Power of Connection, Speaking Anyone’s Language, and Industry Trends vs. the Next Big Thing.

In addition to his mentorship and speaking engagements, Ken is the founder of METAL, a community focused on media, entertainment, technology, artists, and leadership. His mission with METAL is to connect and inspire business and thought leaders to achieve greater levels of success while collaborating to improve the world through business, arts, and technology. In 2019 Ken was honored with knighthood by The Royal Order of Constantine The Great and Saint Helen for his contribution to society.

For mentorship inquiries please complete this application to schedule a call. For more information on METAL or to become a member please contact membership support here.

“Ken is an amazing networker, great guy, and intelligent as f#ck.”

– Akon, Music Mogul

“I think Ken’s creating Web 3.0”

– Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google

“Ken’s got great stage presence, even makes me look good!”

– Larry King, Entertainment Icon